FAQ Index

FAQ Index

Reservation Information

Q. How do I find the reservations I made on the website?

A. Sign in to the account you used to make your reservation.  Click Current Reservations, select the reservation you made, and then click "See Details".

Search for Places

Q. What can I search for?

A. You can search for where you want to go and what you want to do.The ‘Where’ field that appears in the search form can be used for facility names or addresses - including streets, states, cities and zip codes.The ‘Interested in’ drop-down will help you to narrow down the type of recreation activity you are looking for.

Registration/Profile Information

Q. What are you using my mailing address and home phone # for?  

A. We use this information for any communication regarding reservations you have made with us. However, if you also choose to receive promotional information from us then we may use your mailing address for this purpose.


Q. I don't really see any lotteries on the website. How can I find them?

A. When you check availability for a particular facility, the website will tell you if that facility is open for a lottery.

Cancelling Reservations

Q. Can I cancel my reservation online?

A. Yes. Sign in to find a list of your current reservations, then click 'See Detail' for the reservation you wish to cancel. That will take you to the Reservation Detail page. Click 'Cancel Reservation' to begin your online cancellation.

Permit Information

Q. How will the billing information appear on my statements?

A. Recreation.gov billing information: If you paid by bank card, your monthly statement will contain a reservation billing under the name "Recreation Gov 888-448-1474 NY" Please make note of this. If you have questions, please call the toll free number listed above.

Facility Details & Policies

Q. How do I find the fees for the camping facilities?

A.Click 'Fees and Cancellation' link, located on the right side of the Campground Details page.


Q. How can I find out what the symbols (icons) stand for on a facility map?

A. Move the pointer of your mouse over any symbol.  A descriptive label for the symbol will display.

About Recreation

Q. Can I bring my pet with me on my visit to publicly managed lands?

A. The rules for pets at recreation sites vary widely, depending on the place you are visiting. Many recreation sites allow pets, but require they be kept under control at all times (i.e., on a leash or in a cage). Some places prohibit all pets.
To determine the exact requirements before bringing your pet to a recreation site, please use the phone numbers, addresses, and/or e-mail addresses and Web links (URL's) provided in Recreation.gov to contact the managers at that site directly.

Tours and Ticket Information

Q. When will my tickets be mailed to me?

A. Tickets are only mailed for Washington Monument (WAMO).  Tickets are mailed within 48 hours of booking your reservation.  If you purchased your tickets within 10 days of your arrival date, the tickets will not be mailed to you; instead, you will need to pick up your tickets at the ticket booth upon your arrival at the facility.