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FAQS - Registration/Profile Information

Q. What are you using my mailing address and home phone # for? 

A. We use this information for any communication regarding reservations you have made with us. However, if you also choose to receive promotional information from us then we may use your mailing address for this purpose.

Q. If I sign up to request additional information am I able to back out later?

A. Absolutely. Sign in to the account you used to make your reservation. Click "Update Profile". Just un-check the box that starts with 'Check here for more information'. Be sure to 'Save Changes'. Your profile will be updated with the change.

Q. What kind of promotional information are you sending me?

A. Newsletters, surveys and other recreation type information which may be useful to you in planning your recreation visit.

Q. What if I can't remember the email address I used to sign up?

A. You can Contact Us in order to retrieve the ID that you have used for this membership.