For Your Safety!

Caution: Bears and other Wildlife may frequent the area.

Wild animals, especially bears, may wander through the campground any time of day or night. Don't be careless with food, pet food, cosmetics, toiletries, or garbage.

Wild animals, especially bears, may wander through at any time of day or night. Wild animals near a campground are more likely to be habituated or food-conditioned (used to people and their food). Having lost their natural fear of humans, these animals often become increasingly aggressive in their attempts to obtain human, pet and livestock food.

Do the following:
1.   Always keep a clean camp.
2.   Follow FOOD REGULATIONS as posted.
3.   Deposit all garbage in wildlife-resistant trash containers if provided.
4.   Keep pets on a leash. They can lead predators to your camp.
5.   Immediately notify the campground host (if available) if you encounter a bear, cougar or rattlesnake
      in or near your campground area.
6.   When walking in a campground at night, carry bear spray, use a flashlight and stay alert.
7.   Human food, beverages, dog food, etc. must be kept unavailable to bears unless being consumed,
      prepared for consumption or transported.
8.   Do not sleep in the same clothes that you handled food or cooked in.
9.   Keep sleeping bags, tents and sleeping areas free of food and beverage odors.
10. Keep bear spray readily available.

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