The White House Easter Egg Roll

The 2015 White House Easter Egg Roll is Monday, April 6th

The Lottery is Now Officially Closed

Results of the lottery will be available on MARCH 5. Please check your email or you can view the results by logging into your account. Please ensure that the contact information on your account is correct. Your email address will be used for lottery and ticket communications.

About the Event

The White House Easter Egg Roll is a tradition that dates to 1878. Originally, young children in Washington, D.C., would flock to Capitol Hill every Monday after Easter for egg rolling and a day of activities. Members of Congress grew tired of the growing crowds and passed an Act of Congress which prohibited egg rolling on the Capitol grounds. The event was moved to the White House in 1878 after President Hayes was approached by young children to use his backyard to roll eggs. Nearly every Easter since, the White House has invited young children to roll eggs on the White House lawn.

Today, the Easter Egg Roll has grown from a few local children rolling eggs on the White House lawn to become the largest event held at the White House, filled with live entertainment, sports and interactive cooking demonstrations, and, of course, the traditional rolling of the Easter eggs. The Easter Egg Roll promotes healthy and active living and is designed for children 13 years of age and under.

Visit the Official White House website to view photos and videos of past events and learn more about the history of the White House Easter Egg Roll.

About the Commemorative Eggs

The official White House Easter Egg Roll commemorative eggs are available whether or not you attend the event. Learn more about these popular keepsake eggs here.