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Spotlight: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Spotlight: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Visit Kenai National Wildlife Refuge's historic cabins.

KenaiCabins Kenai Cabin on Vogel Lake.

Getting There

Is easy by Alaska standards. At Kenai, stay in one of the historic cabins guarantees both breathtaking scenery and an authentic Alaska experience. Miners, trappers, hunters and even nurses used these cabins. Cozy Big Indian Creek Cabin is in the middle of Tustumena Lake, the largest lake on the Kenai Peninsula, and the 1940’s era  Nurse’s Cabin, at the mouth of Kasilof River, once housed two young cannery nurses. All of the cabins offer the opportunity to view wildlife, but at Vogel Lake Cabin, sit by the large picture window and look for Alaska-Yukon moose, brown and black bears, caribou, Dall sheep, mountain goats, wolves, lynx, wolverines, eagles or thousands of shorebirds and waterfowl.

A description of each cabin is available here

Make Sure You

Take a short side trip to Portage Glacier on the Chugach National Forest if you are en route to Anchorage.

Try This

“Combat fishing” at the junction of the Kenai and Russian Rivers. Bring along hip or chest waders and plenty of Coho flies. If you're not catching any fish and your neighbors are, watch them to learn successful techniques.

Don’t Forget

Cabins have no running water or electricity but plenty of history and rustic charm. If it’s salmon season, pick up your Alaska Fishing license and a copy of the Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations at most tackle shops, grocery or convenience stores.

Get Started!

Cabins are available year-round but all are remote; their seclusion requires planning and preparation. Visit the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge website to find trip planning information, maps, cabin descriptions, history and more!