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Spotlight: National Get Outdoors Day

Spotlight: National Get Outdoors Day

Get outside, get active, get healthy!

Lets Move 2013 Let's Move Outside category winner Linnea Charnholm perfectly captured the fun that exists in the outdoors. (Linnea Charnholm/Share the Experience)

What You’ll Find

During the second Saturday in June, kids and families across the country gather in parks, along rivers, in forests and many other outdoor locations to celebrate National Get Outdoors Day. On this special day, representatives from federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and the recreation industry team up to host events to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun at more than 124 sites throughout the nation. Experience a variety of outdoor activities like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing and so much more!

Getting There

To find an event near you, check out the GO Day locations. If there are no GO Day events near you, explore our spotlight articles for ideas of a special place or activity to celebrate in your own way.

Make Sure You

Visit Let’s Move Outside for more information about the health benefits of regular exercise in nature. First Lady Michelle Obama leads this effort to “get kids active so they see the physical activity they need not as a chore but as a fun way to explore our country.”

Try This

GO Day is just one day in Great Outdoors Month (Memorial Day through the July 4th holiday) to help you get connected to nature and the outdoors. Check out other events and activities during this time for thousands of opportunities to get outside.

Don’t Forget

A great way to get outside and explore nature is to capture your experiences through the lens of a camera. Enter the Share the Experience photo contest for a chance to win great prizes: $10,000 grand prize and more cash prizes, hotel accommodations from Historic Hotels of America, annual Federal Recreation Lands Passes and more! This contest is sponsored by the National Park Foundation, Active Network and Celestron in partnership with the federal land management agencies.

Get Started

Visit the National Get Outdoors Day web site for more about this special day, how to get involved and tips for staying active outside all year long!