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Spotlight: The 2014 National Marine Sanctuary Classic

Spotlight: The 2014 National Marine Sanctuary Classic

The Sanctuary Classic fishing photo contest is back and better than ever!

Fishing Catching more than just memories in the Florida Keys (NOAA)

What You’ll Find

The Sanctuary Classic is a free, summer-long fishing and photo contest featuring national marine sanctuaries across the country — great places to visit and enjoy responsible family fishing. Snap a photo of you and your catch, and enter to win prizes and scholarships!

The top twenty, weekly photos with the most votes receive a free t-shirt. At the end of the summer, scholarships will be awarded to participants based on how well their photos represent some or all of the following themes: Kids Fishing, Kids and Family Values, Kids in the Outdoors, Kids in the Sanctuaries and Kids’ Conservation.

Getting There

Get out on the water in any of our national marine sanctuaries this summer to participate in this year’s Sanctuary Classic; which runs through Labor Day! The National Marine Sanctuary System includes 13, fishable national marine sanctuaries. Within their waters and along their shores, you can find a vibrant array of marine life, culture, shipwrecks and places to experience the beauty of the ocean and form lasting memories. Visit the National Marine Sanctuary System website to locate a sanctuary near you.

Don’t Forget

  • To review “sport fishing best practices” before beginning your trip.
  • Each participant must agree to follow conservation guidelines and all federal, state and local regulations.
  • Catch and release is encouraged.
  • Last day to submit photos is Labor Day, September 1, 2014!

Try This

Once you upload your photo, encourage all your friends and family members to register and vote to increase your chances of winning a weekly prize!

Don’t stop with just one fish picture. Visit as many national marine sanctuaries as you can to discover the unique marine life and recreational opportunities found in each sanctuary.

Get Started

Visit sanctuaryclassic.org to register for the contest. Registration is free and allows you to submit photos and vote on your favorite submission!

Did You Know?

National Marine Sanctuaries provide citizens with opportunities to responsibly enjoy special ocean places, while also safeguarding their unique beauty, diversity and historical significance for future generations. National Marine Sanctuaries encourage recreational anglers to experience nature first-hand and develop a greater appreciation for American’s great outdoors.