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Your Fee Dollars at Work: Island Explorer Buses, Acadia National Park, Maine

Your Fee Dollars at Work: Island Explorer Buses, Acadia National Park, Maine

acadia national park The Island Explorer bus will transport you around this scenic, magical place. Coves, coastal havens, granite bridges, pine forest abound, there's no shortage of area to discover.

As we looked far seaward among the outer islands, the trees seemed to march seaward still, going steadily over the heights and down to the water's edge.”—Sarah Orne Jewett, The Country of the Pointed Firs

Acadia National Park lies along the rugged, sea-faring and peaceful coast of Maine, which is unlike any other part of the country. One visit to the Pine Tree State makes it easy to see why preserving this pristine and unique area is so important. 

Acadia is located on Mount Desert Island and its smaller surrounding islands. Since 1999, propane-powered Island Explorer buses have helped protect Acadia by carrying more than two million passengers to and within Acadia National Park. Park entrance fees support these propane-powered, fare-free buses, and by riding them, visitors can help reduce traffic congestion, parking and air pollution problems. The buses have already eliminated more than 685,000 automobile trips and 6,444 tons of greenhouse gases.

The buses run from June 23 through early October and travel between park destinations, local communities, and the Bar Harbor-Hancock County Regional Airport. Within Acadia, the buses stop at campgrounds, carriage road entrances and many trailheads. Because it is friendly, “Down East” Maine after all, visitors can flag down the Island Explorer at any safe stopping point along its route.

The Island Explorer is possible through a partnership between the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Transportation, Maine Department of Transportation, Friends of Acadia, six municipalities and private businesses.

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