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Build a Campfire and Cozy Up

Build a Campfire and Cozy Up

Here's why it'll make your outdoor experience even better.

fire Human tribes have found comfort, warmth and friendship in their time spent circled around a fire for thousands and thousands of years. Luckily, things haven't changed much.

Let’s be honest, campfires are almost completely unnecessary these days. With such a variety of camping stoves out there, we no longer need to rely on the ancient method of cooking dinner over a fire or firey coals.

So why do we bother?

Because there’s no other feeling quite like the one you get when sitting around a campfire. So if you make sure you’re responsible and following the guidelines and rules of the area, campsite or park that you’re visiting, get out there and use these reasons to huddle around the flames:

It’s Cold Outside!

Even in summer months, when you’re out in the wilderness or even on the coast, nighttime can get cold when you’re camping. And as warm weather starts to wane and make way for autumn and winter, evenings get even chillier.

You’re Not Here to Watch TV

You’ve come out to the woods for a reason—to get away from your every day and enjoy the remoteness of the wilderness. A campfire is entrancing—you can watch it for hours and not get bored.

It Deepens Your Friendships

Along the same lines, sitting around a campfire gets people talking to one another. Not texting, not tweeting, not updating their Facebook statuses; talking. Telling stories, rehashing memories, laughing. A campfire will tighten bonds, invite new friends into your circle

It’s Romantic

If you’re with that special someone, what better way to set the mood than with firelight? It’s Mother Nature’s way of dimming the lights and putting on some Al Green.

But remember, when human beings first discovered our unique ability to create fire, we also took on a great responsibility. Check in advance to see if the area you’re visiting allows campfires, where they’re allowed and all the rules that apply. Go to Don’t Move Firewood for more information on building responsible fires.