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Spotlight: Visit National Grasslands

Spotlight: Visit National Grasslands

National Grasslands offer a glimpse into our heritage and opportunities to hike, bike, camp and sightsee!

grasslands Biking is a great way to truly experience all that the Grasslands have to offer.

Getting There

The majority of National Grasslands are located within America’s heartland, known as the Great Plains that stretches between Illinois to the foot of the Rocky Mountains; from the Canadian Saskatchewan border to the Mexican border; and with a sprinkling of grasslands within the intermountain west. They are easily accessed by highways and back roads, but to truly discover them you’ll want to get out and hike, bike and camp in their expansive landscapes.

What You’ll Find

A world within a world, from the rolling hills of Fort Pierre to the rugged canyons of the Comanche to the sand dunes of the Sheyenne on the Dakota Prairie. Explore prehistoric ecosystems where dinosaurs roamed and giant sharks swam; where Native Americans hunted ancient species of bison and Spanish conquistadors searched for gold; where pioneers crossed the prairie in search of new life out west; where homesteaders abandoned their dream because of the dust bowl. This is the land that transformed Theodore Roosevelt into the man who became President. It’s the land where abundant oil, gas and coal are helping to fulfill our nation’s energy needs. It’s where countless species of plants and animals find refuge. It’s the land where the wild and untrammeled West lives on.

Make Sure You

Visit the National Grasslands Visitor Center in Wall, South Dakota. While you are there, see the Windmills on the National Grasslands Photo Exhibit (or view the exhibit on-line).

Try This

Catch a Migration Festival! The Central and Pacific flyways both transverse the National Grasslands, and festivals are held during the spring and fall at various locations to celebrate their transitory inhabitants. Contact a National Grassland near you to get information on festivals and other special events.

Don’t Forget

Most National Grasslands are interspersed with private land. Make sure you have a map of the grassland you’re visiting and respect private property.

Get Started!

Visit the National Grasslands website to start planning your visit. For the most current information contact the individual grassland units.