Let’s Move Outside! This Summer

Let’s Move Outside! This Summer

Adventure Passport

Your Passport to Adventure…

The Let’s Move Outside! Adventure Passport encourages children and their families to get outdoors and explore our nation’s public lands. Download the passport here, print it off at home, and then go outside and have some fun!

For Kids

Complete two of the five activities listed for the site you visit, and you will receive a stamp or sticker for your Let’s Move Outside! Adventure Passport from that special place. Once you have completed an outdoor adventure, ask a ranger at the site to validate with a stamp or sticker your Let’s Move Outside! Adventure Passport. For destinations with no staff and it's just you and nature, simply have an adult initial your passport.

Throughout the summer, visit as many sites as you can, complete the activities and see who among your friends and families can get the most stamps or stickers!

For Parents

The Let’s Move Outside! Adventure Passport helps make it easier for parents to find new and exciting outdoor places to visit that may surprise you. Check out the links below to three regions that are offering the Adventure Passport – complete with a list of the participating federal public lands sites in that region and the potential activities families can do when you are there. Parents can review the activities before they arrive so they know exactly what kind of adventure to expect.

Click here to download and print your own Let’s Move Outside! Adventure Passport. See the list of regions and participating sites below to find individualized activity sheets and unique places to explore. The list of participating sites will continue to grow, so bookmark this page and come back soon to see what new locations or regions have been added.


Rocky Mountain

San Francisco
Bay Area


Consider this booklet your passport to adventure and start exploring the many participating sites. At each location, stamp your passport to capture a memory of your experience. Enjoy these special places. After all, they belong to you! Here is how it works:

1. Go down the list of participating sites for your region (currently available regions are above). With the help of your family or group, decide where you want to go.
2. Print the activity sheet for the site you want to visit. You can also get a copy at the site once you arrive.
3. Do a least two (2) activities on the sheet for the site you picked.
4. Once you finish an activity, sign your name next to the description of the activity.
5. Take your activity sheet and Adventure Passport to a visitor center, public lands office or information station to stamp your passport or get your site sticker.
6. To help you remember the fun you had, draw a picture, or write about your experience on the back of the activity sheet.
7. Have fun in the great outdoors!

We hope you’re excited to have fun exploring the many activities you can do on America’s public lands and waters!

This fun-filled passport is your guide. Add plenty of pictures and notes to share with your friends and family.

Make your own Activity Sheet

Are you a State or local park, school, or parent who wants to make your own Activity Sheet? Click here to download a blank activity sheet you can create on your own! Don’t forget a stamp or sticker to reward successful completion of the activities.

To have your site added to our growing list of participants, please email the filled-out sheet and appropriate contact information to: youth@ios.doi.gov.

Additional Information

Explore online for more information the Let’s Move Outside! Initiative.

If you have comments or suggestions on ways to improve the Let’s Move Outside! Adventure Passport, please send them to: youth@ios.doi.gov.