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Recreation.gov is your one-stop resource for trip planning, information and advance reservations across federal lands and sites. Recreation.gov enables you to book campsites, picnic shelters, historic tours, cave tours, guided hikes, whitewater rafting permits, wilderness canoe trips, climbing adventures and more!

Ready to start planning your adventure? Not sure where to start? Try these helpful hints:

If you already know the exact name of the campground, cabin, activity, permit, etc.:

Type the name of it in the “Where?” box on the home page (“Twin Lakes Campground” or “Blue Springs Gap Cabin”) and select the Search button.  Note: Read the descriptions thoroughly to ensure this is the place you want (Twin Lakes, California or Twin Lakes, Pennsylvania).

If you know generally where you want to go and what you want to do but don’t know exactly where:

Begin by using the map and search for your location geographically.  Type the place name in the “Where?” box on the home page (“Grand Canyon National Park” or “Arapahoe National Forest”) and select the search button. Suggestions appear as you type. Select one of the suggestions or complete the field and click on “search.” Your search results will appear pinpointed on the map. A few places may not have pinpoints but you will receive a list of possible locations.  Once you identify the correct location, switch to either “View as List” or “View as Map” for possibilities. Now, you can try filtering your results by the type of activity you want to do.

If you just want to try some place new:

From the map, type in the name of your city or state or the city or state you’ll be visiting (“Fort Collins, Colorado” or “Tahoe”) and select the search button.  You’ll receive a list of federal recreation options in the area.  Switch to “View as Map” to see where your options are. You can also filter your results by the activity you wish to do. 

Then select any of the search results to see what’s available for advance reservations!

A large blue map pin indicates a federal area that offers advance reservations.  Click on the link to get more information about what’s available (campground, permit, or tour) and where it is located. You’ll also find links to the area’s official website and contact information.

A large green map pin indicates information ONLY is available about the facility.  Click on the name of the place and there will be links to direct you to the official website or contact information.

Create An Account – Now that you know what you want to reserve, you will be prompted to fill in your name, address, and billing information in order to complete your reservation. Read our Privacy Policy.

Why don’t I see any available reservations?

You may have selected a location that:

  1. Provides information only and does not offer reservations.
  2. Offers reservations only seasonally. A “No suitable availability shown” message indicates you are outside the reservation season. Select the “season dates” from the facility details page to find out when reservations are available.
  3. You may be trying to book too early or too late.  In general, reservations are available six months in advance (EXCEPTIONS include but are not limited to Yosemite National Park, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Camp Misty Mount, and Fort Hunt). Group facilities are available 12 months in advance (EXCEPTIONS include but are not limited to Cape Lookout National Seashore).  For more information, visit Reservations FAQ.
  4. Offers only first-come, first-serve facilities. You must go to the facility in person.

If you are still having trouble making a reservation at your desired location, view our Reservations FAQs. or Contact Us