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FAQS - Facility Details and Policies

Q. How do I find the fees for the camping facilities?

A. Click 'Fees and Cancellation' link, located on the right side of the Campground Details page.

Q. Where do I find the check-in and check-out times for the camping facility?   

A. Click 'Site List' on the Facility Details page and then select a site number. The check-in and check-out times for that particular facility will display.

Q. Where can I find more pictures of the campgrounds and cabins?

A. Additional photos of Federal facilities can often be located at the appropriate government agency website.

Q. Does the vehicle length include the trailer and the tow vehicle?

A. The vehicle length listed on the website is only the length of the actual camping vehicle.  It does not include the tow vehicle.

Q. How many pets can I have per site?

A. The pet policy is listed in the park alerts.  If there is no information listed, then please contact the park directly.

Q. Will there be additional vehicle fees when I arrive at the campground?

A. Additional vehicle fees are on a campground-by-campground basis.  If this information is not listed, then please contact the facility directly.

Q. Where can I find a phone number for the campground/facility?  

A. The campground/facility phone number is listed at the bottom of the Facility Details page for that facility.

Q. Where can I find directions to the campground/facility?

A. The campground/facility directions are displayed at the bottom of the Facility Details page for that facility.

Q. I wanted to camp for 16 days. How come the website isn't allowing me to do so?

A. There may be specific policies setup with regards to how long a customer can stay at a particular facility. Refer to the facility details page for information specific to your park or campground.

Q. How do I find out when a facility is open for the season?

A. Click "Season Dates" on the right side of the Campground Details page.

Q. How come some sites have the 'Walk up status' for extended periods of time?

A. There are multiple reasons why this is the case. Some campgrounds may not allow for advance reservations during an off season. Or, the campground has chosen to leave a set number of facilities bookable only by walk-up customers. The campground may have its own policies with regards to walk-up availability.

Q. I've seen various discounts on the site. How do they work?

A. Senior and Access Pass Discounts:  Owners of the Interagency Senior and Access Passes (and the Golden Age and Access Passes) may receive a fifty-percent discount on the use fee for individual campsites. This discount does not apply to fees for cabins, lookouts, or group facilities and it may not apply for specific facility amenities such as electricity, water, sewer, or extra fees charged for prime or premium sites.

•    Pass Verification: Customers with these passes are required to provide the pass number at the time the reservation is made in order to receive the discount, and to present the pass and one form of identification upon arrival. If you do not provide proper documentation, you must pay the full recreation use fee prior to using the facility. If a customer makes more than one reservation for the same location and date(s), the discount will only apply to the site the pass owner occupies.

Note: Recreation.gov reserves the right, when necessary, to modify reservation policies.

For information specific to Tours & Tickets or Permits, please refer to Tour and Ticket Information or Permit Information respectively.