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FAQS - Reservation Information

Q. What is Recreation.gov?

A. Recreation.gov is your one-stop resource for reservations, trip planning, and information for recreation facilities and activities offered by the US Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, USDA Forest Service and many other Federal agencies (agency partners are listed on the Participating Partners page of Recreation.gov). Recreation.gov is the largest outdoor recreation reservation service in the US with over 60,000 reserveable facilities at over 2500 field locations. Recreation.gov offers advance reservations for Federal facilities and activities such as individual campsites, cabins and lookouts, group campsites, tours, picnic shelters, and wilderness permits.

Q. How do I make a reservation?

A. In addition to making an online reservation at www.recreation.gov, customers may contact us at 1-877-444-6777, or make a reservation at select field locations.

Q. What are the Call Center hours of operation?

A. The Call Center hours are 10:00 AM EST to Midnight EST from March 1st through October 31st and 10:00 AM EST to 10:00 PM EST from November 1st through February 28th. Call Centers are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. Group Sales for ticket facilities is closed on Sundays.

Q. How do I find the reservations I made on the website?

A. Sign in to the account you used to make your reservation, click Current Reservations, select the reservation you made, and then click "See Details".

Q. I mixed up the dates for my reservation. Can I change them?

A. Absolutely. Simply sign in to your Recreation.gov account and use the "Change Reservation" link on your overnight camping reservation details page, or Contact Us.

Q. Why is my reservation not showing on my web account?

A. If the reservation was made by a reservation agent via the phone or it was not made under the same user account with which you are accessing the website, then it will not show under your reservations. Check your Confirmation email for information on the email address (i.e. user name) associated with your reservation.

Q. How come I have not received my confirmation letter yet or have received it too late? How can I have this resent?

A. A confirmation letter is automatically generated after a reservation has been made on the website to the email address provided in your personal profile. In the case that you didn't receive the confirmation, check to make sure that your email address is entered correctly in your personal profile. To receive a copy of the confirmation letter, you can then select Current Reservations, select the reservation and click on the 'Re-send confirmation' link.

Q. My credit card bill showed a reservation billing under the name "Recreation.gov 1-888-448-1474 ". Is this from my reservation?

A. Yes. Your monthly statement will contain a reservation billing under the name "Recreation.gov 1-888-448-1474," not the National Recreation Reservation Service or ReserveAmerica. Please make note of this. If you have questions, please simply Contact Us.

Q. Why can't I book a campsite online for tomorrow?

A. Facilities have restrictions on the minimum number of days between the date you reserve and the date of your arrival. You will most likely see a 'First-Come-First-Served' message, implying that you will need to go to book the campsite at the park on the day of your arrival.

Q. I was trying to book campsites for the next 6 weekends in a row but I was stopped.

A. To ensure campsites are available to all people, the system puts a limit on the number of campsites any one person can reserve.Check the reservation policy specific to your facility to find out what the limit is (if applicable).

Q. What time can I make a reservation?

A. As new dates become available, the facilities become reservable when the call center is open. (Please refer to the call center hours). At this time, these same facilities with the new dates become available online. From that point on, reservations can be made online at any time.

Q. Where can I find the reservation/booking window for my state?

A. Select the facility where you will be camping; on the right side of the screen, click "Booking Window".

Q. How far in advance can I make reservations?

A. Almost all facilities and activities can be booked beginning 6 months in advance. For example, to book a campsite for July 4, you may make your reservation beginning January 4. NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS include (but are not limited to) Yosemite National Park camping(see below) and other campgrounds with special circumstances, many group activities and facilities are available up to 12 months in advance, and the booking window for permit activities varies by location. Please check the facility details page for the location you wish to visit and click the “booking window” button.

Q. How does the Yosemite block window work?

If you call on: You can make Yosemite reservations for arrival dates between:
January 15th
February 15th
March 15th
April 15th
May 15th
June 15th
July 15th
August 15th
September 15th
October 15th
November 15th
December 15th
January 16th and June 14th
February 16th and July 14th
March 16th and August 14th
April 16th and September 14th
May 16th and October 14th
June 16th and November 14th
July 16th and December 14th
August 16th and January 14th
September 16th and February 14th
October 16th and March 14th
November 16th and April 14th
December 16th and May 14th

Q. Why is the booking window different for Yosemite National Park?

A. Yosemite’s summer reservations are always in extremely high demand. Typically, all Yosemite campsites will be reserved within 20 minutes after they go on sale This block release of sites on a single day each month is also consistent with the manner in which all California State Parks are reserved.

Q. What are my methods of payment?

  Sales Channel
 Method of Payment
 Call Center
At the Site
 Bankcard Yes Yes Yes
Certified Checks
Bank Checks
Money Orders
No No
 Personal Checks
Travelers Checks
No No
 Cash No No Yes1
 Foreign Currency
No No

1 Cash and Checks are accepted at the site