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Take a Hike

Take a Hike

The benefits of hiking are countless. Here are the four best reasons we could think of.

Girl hiking Hiking South Sister in Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon.

Hiking is fundamental to outdoor adventures. Sometimes it’s a necessity and sometimes we go out of our way just to get a mellow or challenging hike in.

So why should you go for a hike? 

To Get Back to Your Roots

Remember the days that you had to traverse miles of rugged, unexplored territory just to get some dinner in your belly? Of course not. That was hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

Now there's a novelty to going out of your way to find a piece of untouched land, to explore it, to get your blood pumping. Perhaps it's a way to remember how things were ... when the human race were just babes in the woods, literally.

Maybe you hike to quell that primitive longing to wander and wonder at the land as your distant ancestors did.

To Get Somewhere

Sometimes a long, difficult, steep walk lies between you and the destination of your choice.

It may be a campsite at which you can build a fire and rest your head. It may be the top of a snowy, unnamed trail and at the end of some hard work, payoff comes in the form of adrenalin when you're flying down it at top speeds. You could be eyeing some pristine, peeling waves to surf or beach to explore, uncrowded due to lack of accessibility. Or a river just waiting for you to push off its banks. You may be searching for some holy grailsome geological treasure like hot springs, geysers, rock formations or maybe a historical artifact like cave dwellings or petroglyphs.

To Get Fit

Why lock yourself in a gym, staring blankly at a television or the wall while you pound away on a treadmill?

Live a little! Get outside, take in the scenery, fill your lungs with fresh air, make exercising interesting.Hiking will get you into great shape and fast, no matter what your fitness level or what difficulty of hike you may prefer. The varied landscape offers your body's muscles a challenge and provides you with the cardio vascular work you need to keep your heart healthy.

To Appreciate Your Surroundings

Whatever your local, flora and fauna, going for a hike is a great way to explore it. You can never learn enough about the plant life there and how to identify it all, the geology of the land and all the events that occurred to create the area you call home and the wildlife with which you share it. The more you put into becoming intimate with the ecosystems around you, the more able you'll be to protect them.

Do you really need any more reasons?

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