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Inyo National Forest - Wilderness Permits, CA

part ofInyo National Forest, US Forest Service
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Online availability Trail District & Town Permit Type Photo
Trail Search Results 1-25 of 63▲ Previous | Next ▼
Enter Date Baker and Green Lakes JM22 John Muir Overnight Photo: Baker and Green Lakes JM22
Enter Date Baxter Pass JM29 John Muir Overnight Photo: Baxter Pass JM29
Enter Date Beck Lake AA12 Ansel Adams Overnight Photo: Beck Lake AA12
Enter Date Big Pine Creek North Fork JM23 John Muir Overnight Photo: Big Pine Creek North Fork JM23
Enter Date Big Pine Creek South Fork JM24 John Muir Overnight Photo: Big Pine Creek South Fork JM24
Enter Date Birch Lake JM25 John Muir Overnight Photo: Birch Lake JM25
Enter Date Bishop Pass -South Lake JM21 John Muir Overnight Photo: Bishop Pass -South Lake JM21
Enter Date Blackrock (Non Quota) GT66 Golden Trout Overnight Photo: Blackrock (Non Quota) GT66
Enter Date Bloody Canyon AA03 Ansel Adams Overnight Photo: Bloody Canyon AA03
Enter Date Convict Creek JM04 John Muir Overnight Photo: Convict Creek JM04
Enter Date Cottonwood Lakes JM39 John Muir Overnight Photo: Cottonwood Lakes JM39
Enter Date Cottonwood Pass PCT GT60 Golden Trout Overnight Photo: Cottonwood Pass PCT GT60
Enter Date Deer Lakes JM00 John Muir Overnight Photo: Deer Lakes JM00
Enter Date Duck Pass JM01 John Muir Overnight Photo: Duck Pass JM01
Enter Date Fern Lake AA13 Ansel Adams Overnight Photo: Fern Lake AA13
Enter Date Fish Creek AA14 Ansel Adams Overnight Photo: Fish Creek AA14
Enter Date Gable Lakes JM12 John Muir Overnight Photo: Gable Lakes JM12
Enter Date George Creek -Mt. Williamson JM33 John Muir Overnight Photo: George Creek -Mt. Williamson JM33
Enter Date George Lake Sabrina JM18 John Muir Overnight Photo: George Lake Sabrina JM18
Enter Date Gibbs Lake AA02 Ansel Adams Overnight Photo: Gibbs Lake AA02
Enter Date Glacier Canyon AA01 Ansel Adams Overnight Photo: Glacier Canyon AA01
Enter Date Golden Trout Lakes JM30 John Muir Overnight Photo: Golden Trout Lakes JM30
Enter Date Haiwee (Non Quota) SS64 Golden Trout Overnight Photo: Haiwee (Non Quota) SS64
Enter Date High Trail PCT AA09 Ansel Adams Overnight Photo: High Trail PCT AA09
Enter Date Hilton Lakes JM06 John Muir Overnight Photo: Hilton Lakes JM06 helps you discover and book trips to all of America's public places.
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