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Located just an hour's drive from Fairbanks, the one-million-acre (404,685 ha) White Mountains National Recreation Area (NRA) offers stunning views of Alaska scenery and outstanding opportunities for year-round recreation, including snow mountain biking.

With over 240 miles (386 km) of groomed trails, winter biking in the White Mountains is limited only by your skill level, fitness and at times your gear. 


Riding on snow in the White Mountains National Recreation Area

Check trail conditions and make plans to explore! For a mellow introduction, ride seven miles (11 km) in to Lee’s Cabin on the Wickersham Creek Trail, which begins at milepost 28 on the Elliott Highway. This well-used route follows a ridge top with only a few hills and is free of the creek crossings and overflow ice that can make for challenging conditions on other White Mountains trails.

Keep in mind, cold temperatures may require a few modifications to your bike for more enjoyable winter riding: 

A local bicycle shop can help you winterize your bike.

Northern Lights in the White Mountains National Recreation Area

White Mountains National Recreation Area (Bob Wick, BLM)

One of the highlights of a tour through the White Mountains is an overnight stay at one of 12 public recreation cabins and two trail shelters. The cabins  are reached most easily during the winter, but a few cabins can be reached during the summer months by mountain bike, foot, all-terrain vehicle, boats and even airplane.

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