Slough Creek Campground

Yellowstone National Park

Near some of the best wildlife watching opportunities in the park. Located at the end of a two mile dirt road, this campground is best suited for tents and small RVs. There are plenty of hiking and fishing opportunities in the area, including the Slough Creek Trail which begins nearby. Nighttime offers a quiet, unimpeded view of the stars and the possibility of hearing wolves howl. Elevation: 6,250 ft (1905 m).

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The Slough Creek Campground is located on the park's Northern Range, a few miles from where Slough Creek meets the Lamar River. The Lamar Valley is an excellent place to view wildlife, with it being one of the major summer grounds for bison and elk, which attracts predators like wolves and grizzly bears.  

Elk, bison, deer, and pronghorn thrive in the grasslands of this area, known as the northern range. In fact, some of the largest wild herds of bison and elk in North America are found here. The northern range is critical winter habitat for these large animals, which in turn provide food for several packs of wolves. Coyotes are also common, and occasional bobcat, cougar, or red fox are reported. The gorge and cliffs between the junction and Tower Fall provide habitat for bighorn sheep, osprey, peregrine falcons, and red-tailed hawks. Both grizzly and black bears are sighted throughout the area, particularly in the spring. Black bears are more commonly seen around Tower Fall and Tower Junction. Grizzlies are sometimes seen in the Lamar Valley and on the north slopes of Mount Washburn, particularly in the spring when elk are calving. Road pullouts provide excellent places from which to watch wildlife.

The campground can access the Slough Creek Trail, which follows a historic wagon trail into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness beyond Yellowstone. It begins with a steep climb then descends to the first meadow. Stop and relax here or continue to the second meadow. Be alert for bears and moose. Slough Creek is a popular fishing area.

Nearby Attractions

Highlights in the area include the Slough Creek Trail, the Lamar and Yellowstone Rivers, and the Lamar Valley for wildlife viewing. For more information, visit the park's website:


There are many opportunties for recreation in the Slough Creek area including hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, backpacking and photography. Visit the park's website to learn more:

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Yellowstone National Park Campgrounds PO Box 168 Yellowstone National Park WY 82190

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For campground inquiries, please call: 307-344-2107

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Slough Creek Campground is located about 7 miles from the Tower-Roosevelt junction within the park's Northern Range. It is about 30 miles from the park's North Entrance in Gardiner, MT and about 26 miles from the Northeast Entrance near Cooke City, MT. For more information, driving directions and maps, visit the park's website:

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