Great River Road - Iowa

Department of Transportation.

Discover the dramatic vistas of "Old Man River," from its limestone bluffs in the north to sandy floodplains in the south. Enjoy the hospitality of river townspeople. Visit Iowa's 11 interpretive centers from Effigy Mounds National Monument in the north to George M. Verity Riverboat Museum in Keokuk.


Getting to the Byway:

###Iowa Section### ####From Des Moines#### * Take I-80 east to Davenport. * Merge onto I-280 and go south to IA-22 where you enter the byway. ####From Waterloo#### * Take US-20 east to US-52/61 in Dubuque where you enter the byway.

Navigating the Byway:
##From Minnesota State Line to Harpers Ferry (26 miles) * Heading south from Minnesota's Great River Road, cross over into Iowa and travel on IA 26 until you reach the city of Lansing. * In Lansing, turn left onto IA 9, then an immediate right onto N Front St. * Continue on N Front St, which becomes Co. Rd. X52, to Harpers Ferry. * Turn left onto Winfield Rd. in Harpers Ferry, which becomes N 1st St. * Turn right on Chestnut St., then left on IA 364. ##From Harpers Ferry to Dubuque (74 miles) * From Harpers Ferry, travel on IA 364 through Yellow River State Forest until the road joins with IA 76 S. * Take IA 76 S through Marquette. * In McGregor, turn left on A Walton St./Co. Rd. X56. * Continue on Co. Rd. X56 into Guttenberg, where you turn south onto N 5th St. * Turn right on Co. Rd. X56, then immediately left onto US 52. * Continue on US 52 across the Turkey River, then turn left on Co. Rd. C9Y. * Follow Co. Rd. C9Y, which merges with Co. Rd. C63, to Balltown. * Take Balltown Rd. to Sherril, and take a left on Circle Ridge Rd. * Follow Circle Ridge Rd., which runs into Mud Lake Rd. S. * From Mud Lake Rd. S, turn left on Sherrill Rd., then another left on US 52. * Continue on US 52, into Dubuque, to its merger with US 151. ##From Dubuque to Davenport (98 miles) * From the city of Dubuque, follow US 52 through St. Donatus to Bellevue to Sabula. * As drivers continue on US 52, they will pass Bellevue State Park and reach the community of Sabula. * From Sabula, take US 67 through Clinton, Le Claire, and Bettendorf to Davenport. * In Davenport, follow US 67 to Centennial Bridge. ##From Davenport to Burlington (78 miles) * From Centennial Bridge in Davenport, take US 61 to IA 22 S. * Head south on IA 22 through Buffalo, Montpelier, and Fairport to Muscatine. * In Muscatine, turn left on US 61. * Continue on US 61, then turn left onto Oregon Street, which becomes Co. Rd. X61. * Continue on Co. Rd. X61 past Port Louisa, then turn left onto E Ave., which soon merges again with Co. Rd. X61. * Turn left onto Co. Rd. 99 * Follow Co. Rd. 99 all the way to Burlington, where the road becomes Main St.. ##From Burlington to Keokuk and the Missouri Border (46 miles) * From Burlington, follow Main Street to Madison Rd., then turn left. * Turn left onto Co. Rd. X62, and continue to US 61. * Take US Highway 61 S/354th Ave. to Fort Madison. * From Fort Madison, continue on US 61 to the junction with the Mississippi River Rd. * Take Mississippi River Rd. as it turns into S 1st St., Water St., Elm St., and Co. Rd. X28. * Follow Co. Rd. X28 south along the river to the city of Keokuk, where it becomes N 5th St. * Turn right onto Main St. and then left onto US 136. * Continue on US 136 to the Iowa-Missouri border

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