Crack Canyon

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

The wilderness study area (WSA) includes popular hikes such as Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyons, Ding and Dang Canyon, and Crack and Chute Canyons.

The WSA landscape has colorful badlands of eroded soils, cliffs, and rock monuments, including fins which form a sawtooth sandstone ridge, and knobs, caves, and arches. Canyons from 200 to 500 feet deep cross the Reef and the WSA, narrowing in places to clefts with bottoms constantly in shadow.

Small pictograph or petroglyph panels exist in the canyons. Considerable evidence of old mining activity surrounds the north, west, and south boundaries of the WSA. Shacks, cabins, and mine shafts adjacent to the WSA provide striking contrast to the color, beauty, and magnitude of the WSA and surrounding land.

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Crack Canyon WSA is located in Emery County, about 15 miles north of Hanksville, UT and directly west of Goblin Valley State Park.

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