Robbers Roost / Dirty Devil

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

Robbers Roost is a remote area of desert country in central Utah, cut by a maze of spectacular canyons. Named from its history as a hideout of the Butch Cassidy gang, the Roost is located between Hanksville on the west and Canyonlands Maze District on the east, with most canyons draining into the Dirty Devil River, or north into Horseshoe Canyon. The area is very isolated, there are miles and miles of canyons and routes, there is a low probability of encountering others, and the canyons are not patrolled regularly. Other than some identifed trailheads there are no developed facilities in the Roost area. These circumstances require the visitor to be experienced and come prepared.

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The Robbers Roost Flats area is roughly 1 1/2 hours east of Hnaksville via a series of dirt roads