Morning Patio Boat Tour

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Ranger Guided Programs

Join a Whiskeytown Park Ranger at the Oak Bottom Marina. The Park Ranger will pilot a patio boat from Oak Bottom Marina on 1.5 hour tour across Whiskeytown Lake. Whiskeytown Lake is nestled among the hills and valleys of the Klamath Mountains in northern California. The Lake features a 36-mile shoreline and a surface area of 3,200 acres. The reservoir remains full in summer, providing exceptional water recreation in a beautiful mountain setting. Heavy winter rains, long dry summers, and frequent wildfires create diverse habitats, from old-growth forests to oak woodlands and chaparral. Over 1,100 plant and animal species live here, including gray pine, blue oak, black bear and rainbow trout. People have valued this land for thousands of years. The discovery of gold nearby in 1848, only months after it was found farther south at Sutter’s Mill, brought fortune hunters known as 49ers. Today people continue to value the cultural history, clean water, wildlife habitat, power-generating facilities, and numerous recreational opportunities provided and protected by this park.

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