Horsetail Fall Ticketed Entry

Yosemite National Park Ticketed Entry

Horsetail Fall can glow orange when it's backlit by sunset, which can make it appear to be on fire. This unique lighting effect happens only on evenings with a clear sky when the waterfall is flowing and when the sun is at the right angle in mid– to late February. This event attracts many visitors to a small area, causing traffic congestion, parking issues, safety concerns, and impacts to natural and cultural resources. In order to manage this event, a reservation will be required to enter Yosemite National Park on the weekends of February 10–11, February 17–19, and February 24–25, 2024, even for those not visiting Horsetail Fall. Visitors who first arrive Mondays through Fridays (excluding the 19th) won't need a reservation. The $35/car entrance fee is valid for entry for seven days, regardless of day of arrival.  

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