Payette River System Pass

Boise National Forest

The Payette River Pass System is a unique system of recreation sites along the Payette River. Fees begin in early spring and extend through early fall. The fees collected from you are kept on site and used annually to operate, maintain, and improve these sites along the Payette River. Visit our River Update page to see how fees are used.

For more information on the Payette River System sites, please visit our webpage 

Your comments are always appreciated and are evaluated annually to make changes that meet your needs. Please share your feedback online through the forest webpage or call the Boise Forest Supervisor's Office at 208-373-4100.

Passes are valid for use of recreation facilities at Payette River System sites: Deer Creek, Danskin, Banks, Banks Beach, Chief Parrish Beach, Confluence, Beehive Bend, and Deadwood River access sites. A pass admits the passholder and accompanying passengers of a single, private (non-commercial) vehicle.

Day passes are valid until 11:59 PM of the date listed on the pass. Seasonal Passes are valid for the full season of the calendar year they are purchased. Fee season generally starts in early May and ends late October, but can vary depending on conditions. Both pass types are valid only for the vehicle specified for the pass.

If purchasing your Day Pass on-site, no printed copy of the pass will be available. Instead, your license plate number and pass stored on your device will be used to confirm compliance. If you purchase a pass in advance, a printed copy of the pass is recommended for your vehicle dashboard.

Seasonal Passes must be printed and displayed on your vehicle dashboard, with the quick response (QR) code visible at all times during your visit.

Cell phone connectivity on the forest is limited, plan ahead.

Parking at some River access locations within the Payette River system may be difficult on weekends during the peak season, especially at Banks and Beehive Bend. Please plan accordingly. The purchase of this pass does not provide guaranteed or faster entry for parking at the Payette River system.

Visitors can use the on-site fee envelope for day pass by entering their annual number in the 'interagency Senior or Access, or Golden Passport number' on envelope.

Passes are non-transferrable, non-refundable, not replaceable if lost or stolen, and void if altered or reproduced. If you no longer have the vehicle associated with a Seasonal Pass, you need to contact's Help Desk to request a modification to your pass. You will then be required to download and/or print a new PDF of the updated Seasonal pass.

A map of the Payette River System, river safety, and a guide to rapid difficulty is available at the following webpages: 

  • BLM Payette river map (Boater's Guide) 

  • Passes and Permits