Enoree Rifle Ranges Pass

Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests

The Shooting Ranges on the Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests provide hunters and sportsmen the opportunity to hone their skills. There are four shooting ranges open all year on the Enoree Ranger District; Fairforest, Philson Crossroads, Leeds, and Indian Creek. Most use occurs at these ranges before hunting seasons open. 

All ranges:

- Have ADA Accessible facilities with one ADA table and 100 yard concrete walkway downrange

- Have one ADA Accessible shooting table and five tables with left and right side shooting benches under a covered shelter

- Have a maximum distance of 100 yards for shooting

- Are pack-it-in, pack-it-out sites. Shooters are responsible for their own cleanup and removal from site of all bullet casings, target(s) and target holder(s), and litter/trash including all pieces of stationary, biodegradable skeet being used as a target 

- Have no restrooms or water available 

All shooters must provide their own guns, ammo, and stationary paper or manufactured targets mounted on self-provided stands or holders. Shooting at trash, pop cans, milk jugs, pumpkins, plywood, etc. is strictly prohibited. The use of Tracer or incendiary ammunition or exploding targets is also stricly prohibited. 

GPS coordinates:

Fairforest 34.6342, -81.6645

Indian Creek 34.4146, -81.5772

Leeds 34.6666, -81.4154

Philson Crossroads 34.5443, -81.8046

These passes are valid for all shooting ranges on the Francis Marion & Sumter National Forests that require a fee. This includes Fairforest, Philson Crossroads, Leeds, Indian Creek, Candy Branch, and Beaver Dam.

A pass is required per shooter, age 16 and older, and covers the use of the Shooting Range. Those under the age of 16 are not required to purchase a pass, but must be accompanied by an adult. 

A state driver’s license or identification card must be available to prove identity for compliance checks.

A full list of target shooting rules and regulations are listed here.. Visitors must read and comply to these Range Rules.

If purchasing a Day Pass on-site your license plate and the pass stored on your device will be used to confirm compliance. Annual Passes must be printed in advance and displayed clipped to the post of the shooter table while occupied.

Cell phone connectivity on the forest may be limited, plan ahead.

The pass is valid during hours of operation, dawn to dusk, of the date listed on the pass, and only for the date(s) and vehicle specified.

Passes are non-transferrable between shooters, non-refundable, not replaceable if lost or stolen, and void if altered or reproduced. A state driver’s license or identification card must be available to prove identity for compliance checks.

Sites may be temporarily closed for cleaning. These closures will not be in place for a full day. 

If you no longer have the vehicle associated with your Annual Pass, you need to contact recreation.gov’s Help Desk to request a modification to your pass. You will then be required to download and print the new version of your updated pass.

Shooters need to provide their own guns, ammo, manufactured targets and target holders.

Please visit the forest website for location information and directions to each Rifle Range.