Hoosier National Forest - Horse and Bike Trails Pass

Hoosier National Forest

The Hoosier National Forest has approximately 184 miles of trails available for mountain biking and 211 miles of trails for horseback riding . Terrain on these trails varies from rolling hills and level ridgetops to some very challenging hills and steep slopes. The trails are shared among mountain bikers, horseback riders, and hikers.

Trail use permits are required for using a horse or bicycle on a Hoosier National Forest trail designated for that use, at trailheads, or within campgrounds. Permits are not required on public roads, or on the Hardin Ridge trail.

Trails are open year-round but can be muddy. Riding is best in June, September, and October. Watch for hunters, especially during deer season.

A pass is required per rider age 17 or older. It covers the use of a bike or horse on the specified trails. Passes can be downloaded to each rider’s phone, and/or printed ahead of time and carried on the trail. You can enter separate emails for each rider, or the purchaser can forward to an email or text the pass to each rider. The name on the pass must match the name on each individual rider's driver ID. 

If purchasing your pass on-site, no printed copy of the pass will be available. Instead, your license plate number, driver ID and the pass stored on your device will be used to confirm compliance. If you purchase an Annual Pass you are encouraged to print the pass and have it on your person or displayed on your horse or bike. Cell phone connectivity on the forest may be limited, plan ahead.

This pass is valid until 11:59 PM of the date listed on the pass, and only for the date and vehicle specified for this pass. If you no longer have the vehicle associated with the Annual Pass, you need to contact recreation.gov Help Desk to request a modification to your pass. You will then be required to download and/or print a new PDF of the updated pass.

Passes are non-transferrable between operators, non-refundable, not replaceable if lost or stolen, and are void if altered or reproduced.

Riders must bring their own horses. Horses are not allowed at trailheads for trails that do not allow horse use.

Always wear a helmet and be careful.

E-Bikes (electric assisted bicycles) are considered motorized vehicles and are only allowed on roads.

Loose limbs and hazard trees can fall on the trail at any time, be especially careful on windy days. Please report any hazard trees or large limbs across the trail to our offices to assist in our efforts to remove them.