Dana Peak Park Pass

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Dana Peak Park is open March 1 - Sept 30. Park hours are from 6 am to 8 pm daily. Due to the area's popularity, the park may close due to overcrowding. You are not guaranteed re-entry if you leave the park and the park closes.

This location is available on a first-come, first-served basis only. Visitors are required to physically arrive at the park to purchase an Activity Pass. Once on-site, follow the posted instructions and pay for your Activity Pass by scanning the QR code using the Recreation.gov mobile app. Download and sign into the free Recreation.gov mobile app on Android or iOS prior to your arrival as some remote areas have limited cellular service: https://www.recreation.gov/mobile-app 

All visitors to Dana Peak Park must pay a day use fee. Please download the pass on your mobile device. 

The pass must be available to show at all times when visiting the park. If a pass cannot be provided, your license plate number will also be collected for compliance.

Entry to parks is based on parking availability in day use areas and is first come first served. If you exit the park during the day, re-entry is not guaranteed as it is based on park capacity.

For your safety, please remember that parking outside of designated areas is discouraged and visitors who park illegally may be cited and could be towed.

When day use pass purchased at Dana Peak Park, you may also use that pass at any Day Use Park on Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

This pass is valid until closing of the date listed on the pass, and only for the date and vehicle specified for this pass.

Please keep your dogs on a leash and out of the designated swim beach area, and bag and dispose of your trash in the dumpsters provided.

Please wear your lifejacket!