Panther Top Shooting Range Pass

National Forests in North Carolina

The Panther Top Shooting Range on the National Forests in North Carolina provides hunters and sportsmen the opportunity to hone their skills with a 100 yard rifle range, and a 25 yard pistol range.

The two ranges are side by side and offer a covered shooting platform with shooting benches. There is a vault toilet, picnic table, and pedestal grill available for use. This site is maintained with the help of the volunteer group Mountain Country Rod and Gun Club.

All visitors to the National Forest in North Carolina must display a valid pass at day use fee sites where required.

Skeet shooting is prohibited, and only legally manufactured targets are allowed.

If purchasing your Pass on-site, no printed copy of the pass will be available. Instead, your license plate number will be used to confirm compliance.

One pass is required per shooter and covers the use of the Panther Top Shooting Range. You must enter the names for each shooter and a license plate for each vehicle that will be at the range. Passes can be downloaded to each shooters' phones, and/or printed ahead of time and carried onto the range. You can enter separate emails for each shooter, or the purchaser can forward to an email or text the pass to each shooter.

This pass is valid from sunrise to sunset of the date listed on the pass, and only for the date and person specified for this pass.

Passes are non-transferrable, non-refundable, not replaceable if lost or stolen, and are void if altered or reproduced.

A state driver's license must be available to show during law enforcement compliance checks.

Cell phone connectivity on the forest may be limited, plan ahead.

The Panther Top Shooting Range is closed to the public every Thursday from sunrise until noon for maintenance.