Barre Falls Dam Picnic Shelter

Barre Falls Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomes you to Barre Falls Dam, located in Massachusetts within the towns of Hubbardston, Barre, Oakham, and Rutland. Nestled within the 22,000 acre Ware River Watershed, the area offers many recreational opportunities. Such activities could include canoeing, picnicking, hunting, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, disc golfing, geocaching and wildlife observation. 

Natural Features

During the mid-1930’s and early 1940’s, the Metropolitan District Water Supply Commission converted most of the open farm lands into red and white pine tree stands. Natural re-vegetation occurred on areas not replanted, creating a mixture of hardwood and pine forests. Forest management by the Corps includes thinning, pruning, harvesting timber, replanting, and natural re-vegetation. These practices improve timber quality, produce forest products, create food and shelter for wildlife habitat, and enhance the recreational use of the resources.  

Visitors to the 557 acres of federal public land at Barre Falls will find wetlands, forest, open fields, and river areas. These habitats are home to many species including songbirds, seasonal migrant birds, moose, waterfowl, whitetail deer, wild turkey, and rabbits.  

Nearby Attractions

Rutland and Moore State Park are located within 15 miles of Barre Falls Dam and offer a variety of recreational activities that include, hiking, fishing, canoeing, cross country skiing, picnicking and swimming.


The area offers many recreational opportunities including canoeing, picnicking, hunting, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, disc golfing, geocaching and wildlife observation. The Mid-State Hiking Trail crosses the Ware River Watershed and Barre Falls Dam. Other short trails are open for hiking, biking, bird watching, trail running, and more.  

Contact Information


Barre Falls Dam PO Box 519 Hubbardston MA 01452


Barre Falls Dam 200 Colbrook Road / Barre Road Extension Barre MA 01005

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Driving Directions

From Boston:

1. Take I-93 N to MA-16 W/Mystic Valley Pkwy in Medford. Take exit 31 from I-93 N

8 min (4.5 mi)

2. Continue to Acton

29 min (20.1 mi)

3. F0llow MA-2 W to MA-140 S/MA-2A W in Westminster. Take exit 25 from MA-2 W

26 min (26.6 mi)

4. Take South St, New Westminster Rd and Barre Rd to Coldbrook Rd in Barre


1. Take Pynchon St to E Columbus Ave

2. Take I-291 E, I-90 E, MA-32 N, South St and MA-62 E to Barre Rd/Coldbrook Rd in Hubbardston

1 hr 6 min (46.7 mi)

3. Turn right onto Barre Rd/Coldbrook Rd

4. Continue to follow Coldbrook Rd

5. Destination will be on the right

3 min (1.0 mi)


1. Get on I-90 E in Lee from US-20 E

23 min (12.8 mi)

2. Follow I-90 E to Palmer. Take exit 63 from I-90 E

47 min (51.9 mi)

3. Continue on MA-32 N. Take MA-62 E to Coldbrook Rd in Barre

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