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Umpqua National Forest

Nestled in the cool, quiet forest beside crystal clear Brice Creek, Lund Park Campground is the perfect place for slow mornings drinking coffee, exciting days exploring Brice Creek Trail across the bridge, and cozy nights being lulled to sleep by the sounds of the creek. With numerous hiking trails nearby and the scenic views along Brice Creek, Lund Park Campground makes an excellent base camp for local adventures. 

Lund Park Campground also offers its rich history to visitors. During the early 1900s, the campground was once a stopover for miners traveling from Cottage Grove to the Bohemia Mines. Lund Park used to have a post office, hotel, dam, powerhouse, and several other buildings. Most of the structures have since been reclaimed by the forest, but near campsite one you can still see the remains of a concrete foundation beneath a thriving layer of moss and lichen. 

Lund Park Campground facilities include picnic tables, fire rings, two vault toilets, and garbage disposal. There is no running water or RV hookups available. 

Lund Park Campground has a small parking lot on the west end for day use or additional campsite parking. Additional vehicles cost an extra $5 per night. 

Each campsite includes one parking space, a picnic table, and a fire ring with an attached grill. There are two vault toilets on either end of the campground and several garbage cans along the main road. 

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Brice Creek runs along the north side of the campground and can be accessed by many trails. The creek’s numerous small waterfalls and pools make it a popular place to picnic and sunbathe on a hot summer afternoon, while old-growth forests, rocky shores, and mossy cliffs make the trail an appealing hike during the remaining seasons. The Brice Creek Trail follows the creek across the bridge on the west side of the campground. There are several other hiking trails nearby, including Martin Flume Trail. 

There are numerous waterfalls along Brice Creek and in the surrounding hills. Notable waterfalls include Upper and Lower Trestle Creek Falls. 

There is also a large meadow near the parking lot that provides a wonderful habitat for butterflies and offers the opportunity for bird watching.  


There are several wonderful hiking trails near Lund Park Campground. 

Brice Creek Trail: 5.7 miles - On the west side of the campground, cross a trail bridge to the north side of Brice Creek and follow the trail. Lund Park Campground sits about 3 miles from the West Brice Trailhead and about 2 miles from the East Brice Trailhead. Brice Creek Trail follows Brice Creek through a scenic, rocky canyon. The creek’s numerous small waterfalls and pools make it a popular place to picnic and sunbathe on a hot summer afternoon, while old-growth forests, rocky shores, and mossy cliffs make the trail an appealing hike during the remaining seasons. Travel in an upstream (East) direction for the best views of the creek. While experienced mountain bikers and trail runners are often encountered along this trail, motorized use is prohibited.

Upper and Lower Trestle Falls: 0.7-3.3 miles - At the eastern end of Brice Creek Trail are two adjoining trails accessing the waterfalls of Trestle Creek. The lower falls can be reached using 0.25-mile, out-and-back Trestle Creek Trail #1403C and the upper falls can be reached using Upper Trestle Creek Trail #1403D, a 2.6-mile, more difficult loop that travels beneath a waterfall.

Adams Mountain Way Trail: 3.6 miles - Adams Mountain Trail is a multi-use trail that predominantly follows steep spur ridgeline and dense forest. Huckleberry bushes and wild strawberry patches can be spotted on the forest floor as you hike along, while the canopy above occasionally opens up for a view of neighboring peaks. The Adams Mountain Trail has a rich history. Used by early miners traveling from Lund Park to Bohemia City to access Knott Trail, it was also known as a "way trail” and used as a direct "way" to patrol the forest for fires. These "way trails" were direct routes to ridgeline trails and fire lookouts and typically have steep grades.

Marten Flume Trail: 0.75 miles - A short loop connected to the Adams Mountain Way Trail, the Marten Flume Trail is a quick yet challenging hike. Steep trails and quick changes in elevation make this trip difficult but rewarding with scenic views of Marten Flume Creek and rocky forest lands. 

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34963 Shoreview Dr Cottage Grove OR 97424

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For campground inquiries, please call: 541-767-5000

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From Cottage Grove, OR, travel east on Row River Road 2400 for 19 miles to Brice Creek Road 2470. Turn right on County Road 2470 and continue for 7 miles to Lund Park, which is located on the left side of the road. 

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