Lakeview Campground (Stehekin)

North Cascades National Park

Campgrounds in Lake Chelan National Recreation Area are walk-in sites located in the Stehekin Valley at the head of Lake Chelan. The Lakeview Camps are a five-to-seven minute walk from the boat dock at Stehekin Landing.

Stehekin is a remote community with limited facilities and is only accessible by foot, boat, or plane. 

There is a group shared space in Lakeview Camp reserved for backpackers heading out or coming back from a wilderness trip. These sites need not be reserved separately; backpackers may camp for one night only with a valid backpacking permit.

At the Stehekin Landing area, the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin has a small store with very limited groceries and a restaurant. Public showers and laundry facilities are located near the Landing, though not in the campground.  

There are no roads or car access into Stehekin. Accessible by foot, boat (ferry and private) or plane only. Visitors may take a passenger ferry or their own boat, which may be parked at the public docks in Stehekin. Each campsite offers a picnic table. Lakeview offers drinking water, flush toilets, and garbage removal. 

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Nearby Attractions

Stehekin is a gateway into the east side of the North Cascades National Park Service Complex. Many short to multi-day backpacking trips begin in the Stehekin area. Other attractions in the area are the historic Buckner Orchard, where visitors can pick apples in the fall, and Rainbow Falls, a 312-foot waterfall near the Stehekin Valley Road. Kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing, and horseback riding. 


Visitors can access several trails from the area, such the Imus Trail, the Purple Creek Trail, and the Lakeshore Trail. Many of these trails also lead to other backcountry trails and the opportunity for longer wilderness backpacks. A backcountry permit is required for overnight stays in the backcountry.  

Campgrounds are located along the Stehekin Valley Road which leads to other trails via foot, bike, or shuttle bus. Visitors can boat, fish, and swim (although the water is a chilly 45 degrees) in Lake Chelan or the Stehekin River. Bears do inhabit the area, so care should be taken when hiking, picnicking, or camping.

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For campground inquiries, please call: 509-699-2080 x 14

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There are no roads that connect Stehekin to the rest of Washington. Access is via foot, boat, or plane. 

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