Lost Horse Cabin

Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest

Lost Horse Cabin is located 35 miles west of Helena, Montana, on public land managed by the Helena Ranger District of the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest. The cabin was acquired by the Forest Service in 2017 and is a rustic retreat for guests seeking relaxation and recreation in west-central Montana. The cabin is typically accessible by car; however, heavy amounts of snow in winter can close the last 2 miles of the road to vehicles. Access to the cabin once the snow sets in is via a 2-mile stretch of road passable by snowmobile, snowshoe, skis or dog sled. Guests must be prepared to pack in their own supplies.

The cabin is furnished with 2 sets of bunk beds, with mattresses, and four cots that can accommodate up to 8 people. A wood stove is provided for heat and there is also a Monarch cookstove in the cabin. Other amenities include lanterns, a table and chairs, cleaning supplies, a propane cooking stove, dishes, utensils, and some cookware. An outhouse with vault toilet is nearby. An axe and snow shovel are provided. Firewood may be available, but it is not guaranteed. The cabin is not wired for electricity, and water is not available so guests should bring a sufficient amount of water for drinking, cooking, and washing. Fuel and mantels are not provided for the propane stove or lantern, so guests should bring a couple of small propane cylinders, as well as backup lighting. Items to bring include water, sleeping bags, linens, towels, dish soap, matches, first aid kit, toilet paper and garbage bags. Guests are expected to pack out all trash and food and clean the cabin before leaving. This is a remote location and no commerical stores or services are near the cabin.

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Natural Features

The cabin sits along a small intermittent creek at an elevation of 5,200 feet in the Divide Mountains. The region boasts a coniferous forest with mixed fir and pine trees. The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest offers many streams and fishing opportunities. Native wildlife includes black and grizzly bears, mule-deer and white-tailed deer, elk, and mountain lions. The area also hosts many upland bird species.

Nearby Attractions

This is a remote cabin and most attractions in this area are based around outdoor activities.


Hiking, hunting, photography, and exploration are all great recreational activities in this area. There is an extensive road system not far from the cabin area (to the south and east) where many people use trucks or ride off-highway vehicles in the summer and fall to see the general area and old mining relics. As the crow flies, the cabin is just four miles east of the Continental Divide. The area to the west and north is sparsely roaded and offers an off-trail, remote experience. 

Contact Information


2880 SKyway Drive Helena Ranger District Helena MT 59602

Phone Number

For campground inquiries, please call: 406-449-5201

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Driving Directions

From Helena: take I-15 north for 5 miles and take exit 200 for Lincoln Road/County Rd 453 and turn left onto Lincoln Road/County Rd 453. Stay on Lincoln Road/County Rd 453 for 13 miles. As you pass through Canyon Creek, take a slight left off the main road, onto Little Prickley Pear Road (gravel road). In one-half mile, turn right to stay on Little Prickley Pear Road, continue 7.5 miles. Then, turn left onto Lost Horse Creek Road (gravel road) and continue 1.3 miles. Turn right at the ‘Y’ in the road, onto Anderson Road and continue straight for 1.4 miles (through the unlocked grey gate) to the green gate on the right side of road. The cabin entrance code unlocks the green gate. Close and lock the gate behind you and proceed through the gate 0.3 miles to the cabin. NOTE: During the winter season, customers will likely not be able to drive all the way to the cabin. The main road is plowed to the 'Y' described above. The rest of the way (1.7 miles) is accesible by foot, ski, snowshoe, dog sled or snowmobile. The area is open to snowmobiles 12/2 to 5/15. Do not leave unattended vehicles parked on the main roads. Do Not leave unattended vehicles parked on the main roads or the Anderson access road to the cabin.

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