Eldridge Guard Station

Custer Gallatin National Forest

Eldridge Guard Station is a primitive, rustic, log structure open year-round for recreational enjoyment. It provides access to several trails for summer hiking and biking, and winter skiing and snowmobiling. The cabin can be accessed by vehicle in warmer weather, but snow conditions may require a two mile trek on skis, snowshoes, or by snowmobile.

Guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements and safety, and they must bring several of their own amenities.

Eldridge Guard Station sleeps 6, with a maximum group size of 8 people for overnight use. 7-night maximum stay per group.   

This is a primitive cabin with limited seasonal access - There is no electricity or potable water available (water from nearby creek or snow in winter can be filtered for use). An outhouse is located outside, behind the cabin. A corral is available for stock. A wood stove is available for heat, and a propane gas stove for cooking. There is also a small propane powered refrigerator in the cabin. (Please carefully read the instructions for the propane stove and refrigerator!) The cabin is stocked with basic amenities: axe, shovel, bucket, 2 cots, 2 full-size futons with mattresses, table and chairs, and minimal cookware. A large stock pot is available for boiling water. It is strongly advised that renters bring their own backcountry cookware and dishes for use. Renters should also bring their own firewood, drinking water, flashlight/lantern, bedding, matches, extra toilet paper, garbage bags, dish soap, and other necessities.   

Please note: This rustic, uninsulated, high ceiling cabin can be very cold in winter, even with the wood stove burning. Firewood is not provided until Oct 1 (Oct 1 - May 31) – please bring or gather your own firewood from June 1 - Sep 30. When firewood is provided, it is is the woodshed near the cabin. There is additional firewood stored in the tack shed a little further from the cabin (lock combo same as cabin).  

Please be sure to clean the cabin and remove all trash prior to your departure! 

Need to Know

Natural Features

Eldridge Guard Station is situated between the Madison Mountain Range and the Gallatin Mountain Range at an elevation of 7,030 feet. The cabin is at the edge of a meadow with Taylor Creek running across from the cabin. Eldridge Guard Station is located in high-population grizzly bear habitat. The area is also home to deer, elk, moose, and other wildlife. Please respect the wildlife and always keep a safe distance. Carry bear spray, and always securely store food and other attractants (March 1-December 1).

Nearby Attractions

Eldridge Guard Station is within an hour’s drive south to West Yellowstone, Montana, home of the West Gate to Yellowstone National Park. It is also close to Hebgen and Earthquake lakes, as well as the Earthquake Lake Visitor Center. 

Eldridge Guard Station is also within an hour’s drive north to Big Sky, Montana.


The area surrounding Eldridge Guard Station offers many recreational opportunities, both motorized and non-motorized. In the summer, visitors can enjoy hiking and mountain biking on the nearby trails, riding 50” (or narrower) motorized vehicles on the motorized trails, stream fishing, or bird/wildlife watching. In the winter, visitors can enjoy snowmobiling, cross-country or back-country skiing, and snowshoeing. 

Please note: Fall hunting season brings big game hunters to this area (September 1-December 1). 

Contact Information


Hebgen Lake Ranger District PO BOX 520 West Yellowstone MT 59758

Phone Number

For campground inquiries, please call: 45.0698611, 111.3123056

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Driving Directions

Please note: warm weather access doesn't start until May when snow has melted out.  

Summer Access: From West Yellowstone, Montana, proceed north on Highway 191 for approximately 33.5 miles. Turn left on Taylor Fork Road/Forest Service Road 134 and proceed for approximately 6.5 miles. The cabin will be on the left side of the road. Parking is in front of the cabin.    

Winter Access: From West Yellowstone, Montana, proceed north on Highway 191 for approximately 33.5 miles. Turn left on Taylor Fork Road/Forest Service Road 134 and proceed for approximately 4 miles to the small, privately plowed parking area at the Albino Lake Trailhead. From here, it is a 2-mile ski along the road to the cabin (on the left side of the road). Please note: plowed driving access to the parking area at the Albino Lake Trailhead is not guaranteed. Parking for the cabin is not allowed past the trailhead - Do Not block private property. 

Nearby snowmobile trail grooming occurs from approximately December 15 – March 31, depending on snow conditions. View trail grooming reports at destinationyellowstone.com/reports. Please note: Trails may be impassible due to weather conditions. 

During the spring and fall, guests are encouraged to call the Hebgen Lake Ranger District (406-823-6961) for road conditions and access to the cabin. 

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