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Boomtown Recreation area is located just to the west of Fort Peck Dam on the Missouri River in northeastern Montana. Recreation enthusiasts and sportsmen enjoy the beauty of Fort Peck Lake's 1,500 miles of shoreline. A variety of high quality outdoor activities are available, including camping, boating, fishing, hunting, sightseeing and wildlife viewing. 

Fort Peck Dam, which impounds Fort Peck Lake is the first dam built in the upper Missouri River Basin. The area surrounding Fort Peck was first charted by Lewis and Clark in 1804, and the pristine natural condition of the river and surrounding area awed the renowned explorers. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the Fort Peck project in 1933, thousands of people from all over the country migrated to Montana during the midst of the Great Depression in hopes of earning a living. Today, Fort Peck Lake is a sportsman's paradise with excellent fishing, wildlife viewing and other countless outdoor recreation opportunities.  

For more information, visit the Fort Peck Project Website or call 406-526-3411.

Fishing: Fort Peck Lake enjoys nationwide recognition as a hot spot for walleye fishing. Fort Peck Lake provides excellent boating and fishing opportunities. The lake also offers excellent fishing for sauger, smallmouth bass, lake trout, chinook salmon and northern pike. The introduction of cisco as a forage fish in 1983 proved successful and has increased both the size and number of game fish.   

Wildlife Viewing/Hunting: The Fort Peck Lake Area and the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge provide superb hunting of deer, elk, big horn sheep, and prong horn. The Missouri River Breaks are known for producing large elk and other game animals. Trails: Three miles of paved nature trails wind along the Missouri River and through the surrounding wooded area. This trail area is a popular birding and wildlife viewing area.

Disc Golf Course: A disc golf course "The Fortress" was installed in summer of 2021. Discs are available to check out at the gate house. 

Interpretive Center & Museum: The Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center and Museum offers displays of wildlife dioramas, aquariums, dinosaur fossils and dam construction history. Open Friday through Monday 9am to 4pm.

Need to Know

Natural Features

A panoramic east view of Fort Peck Dam and Lake is a feast to the eyes at Boomtown. Mature cottonwoods dot the landscape providing shade and wildwife habitat. 

Nearby Attractions

Fort Peck Lake is a Montana treasure for its vast size and outdoor recreation opportunities. Six recreation areas within a few miles of the dam provide access for water sports, fishing and hunting.  

• The Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum, is located just downstream of Fort Peck Dam. For more information, call 406-526-3493. 

• The Leo B. Coleman Wildlife Pasture, located just outside the Town of Fort Peck and Downstream Campground is home to Fort Peck's Bison Herd and provides an excellent wildlife viewing auto route. 

• The Historic Fort Peck Theater is located in the town of Ft. Peck is a popular historic destination in summer months.  

• The 1.1 million acre Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge surrounds Fort Peck Lake and helps preserve the natural habitat for numerous wildlife species.


The vast size of Fort Peck Lake and its remoteness from major population centers provide a variety of high quality outdoor experiences. Popular recreation activities include camping, boating, fishing, hunting, sight-seeing, picnicking, biking, hiking, photography, watching wildlife and just relaxing.  

Fort Peck Lake: Fifteen hundred miles of pristine shoreline serve as a haven for those wishing to get away from the stresses of modern life. There are 27 recreation areas located around the reservoir, including several with primitive camping sites on a first come, first serve basis. The areas near and around the dam offer paved roads, electricity, showers and playgrounds while facilities around the rest of the lake are more primitive with gravel roads, picnic tables and vault toilets. Access roads to many of the remote areas may be impassable in inclement weather.  

Contact Information


US Army Corps of Engineers PO Box 208 Fort peck MT 59223


US Army Corps of Engineers-Boomtown Shelter 5925 US Hwy 24 S Fort Peck MT 59223

Phone Number

For campground inquiries, please call: 406-526-3411

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Driving Directions

From Glasgow: head south on MT-42 S/State Hwy 24 W and continue onto MT 24 S for 15 miles. Turn right into the Boomtown recreation area. (just before Hwy 117 turnoff). Shelter area is the first right. 

From Nashua: Take MT-117 S to Hwy 24. Turn right for .1 miles. Boomtown Recreation area is on the left approximately .1 mile. Shelter area is the first right. 

From MT-200: Take MT-24 N for 59.6 miles. Turn right into Boomtown Recreation area. Shelter area is the first right. 

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