Sheep Mountain Fire Lookout

Bighorn National Forest

Perched atop a forested mountain, the historic Sheep Mountain Fire Lookout offers a unique recreation experience -- one of few fire lookouts in the region available for overnight rental. Constructed in 1950 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) atop Sheep Mountain at an elevation of 9,600 feet, the lookout was historically occupied as a fire lookout until the early 1970s. The lookout is available for rental from June 15 through October 20; however, access to the facility may be limited depending on snow accumulation. Guests are advised to call ahead to confirm access to the facility. Limited amenities are provided; please be prepared to pack in supplies and gear for a comfortable stay. Visitors are advised that this facility has always been a popular destination for recreational visitors to come and enjoy the views and historical nature of the area, therefore, solitude from other forest users may not be an option at this facility.

This facility is primitive in nature. While a single vault toilet and one set of bunk beds are available, there is no running water, indoor plumbing or electricity. Basically, what is available are four sturdy walls, sound roof, no neighbors and commanding views from the lower quadrant of the Bighorn Mountains all the way out to South Dakota's forests. It is recommended that guests bring all their water and accommodations needed for overnight camping. This is a "pack-it-in, pack-it-out" facility; guests will need to carry out all trash and clean the facility prior to leaving.

Need to Know

Natural Features

Besides offering the unique experience of staying in a historical fire lookout, Sheep Mountain Lookout will provide visitors with panoramic views from the mountain peaks in the Cloud Peak Wilderness all the way out through the Powder River Basin. On a clear day, visitors can see to Devils Tower National Monument. Due to the high elevation, guests should be prepared for high altitude conditions including high winds. Summertime temperatures average 70 degrees, but can drop as low as 30 degrees at night or during thunderstorms.

Nearby Attractions

The town of Buffalo, Wyoming, is located within a 45 minute drive for amenities such as grocery stores, swimming pool, historic downtown and a museum.


The area surrounding the lookout offers endless opportunities for ATV riding, mountain biking, hiking, fishing or hunting. The lookout is also ideal for visitors who simply want to relax and enjoy stargazing, wildlife viewing, mountain streams and abundant wildflowers.

Contact Information


Powder River Ranger District, 1415 Fort Street Buffalo Wyoming 82834

Phone Number

For campground inquiries, please call: 307-684-7806

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Driving Directions

From Buffalo, Wyoming, take State Highway 16 west approximately 30 miles. Turn right on Forest Developed Road (FDR) 28 and travel 6 miles north of U.S. Highway 16. FDR 28 will dead-end at the lookout.

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