North Rim Campground

Grand Canyon National Park

The North Rim Campground is located on the remote and rustic North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona, approximately 210 miles (338 km) from Grand Canyon Village, AZ on the South Rim. It is nestled in a thick ponderosa and aspen forest just on the canyon's edge at an elevation of 8,200 feet.


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North Rim Campground is shaded by large ponderosa pines interspersed with aspens which turn golden in the autumn as it is situated at over 8,000 feet in elevation; however, it only takes a short walk to peer over the canyon rim to see millions of years of geologic history. The North Rim lies on the Kaibab Plateau, an area that has been uplifted by geologic processes. Many species of wildlife call the Kaibab Plateau home including the tassel-eared Kaibab squirrel which is found nowhere else in the world.


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For campground inquiries, please call: 928-638-7814

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North Rim Campground is 210 miles (338 km), approximately a 4.5 hour drive, from Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim.

This facility is located at the end of State Highway 67, about 41 miles (66 km) south of Jacob Lake, AZ, 87 miles (140 km) south of Kanab, UT, and 120 miles (193 km) southwest of Page, AZ. Highway 67 is the only road into and out of the North Rim. There is no access by road directly across the canyon to the other canyon rim.

From State Highway 89A, take Highway 67 south for 30 miles (48 km) to the Grand Canyon North Rim Entrance Station. The North Rim Campground is located about 11.5 miles (18.5 km) further. 

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