Anan Lake Cabin

Tongass National Forest

A stay at Anan Lake Cabin provides for a unique experience at a remote, backcountry lake only accessible by floatplane. The cabin sits on the mainland above Anan Bay at the south end of Anan Lake. Visitors are responsible for their own travel arrangements and safety, and must bring several of their own amenities.

Anan Lake Cabin was built in 1967, and had its foundation replaced in 1996 through a cost-share partnership with the Wrangell Teacher's Association. This pre-cut cedar wood frame cabin (hunter-style ) sleeps 4 people with 2 double and 2 single bunks. The cabin is also equipped with a table with benches, oil stove (#1 oil only), broom and an outhouse toilet. Water and electricity are not provided. Water is available from the lake and stream next to the cabin, but visitors should be sure to treat water before drinking or cooking with it. It is recommended that visitors bring their own water supply. Heating oil is not supplied by the Forest Service. In addition to bringing a supply of #1 stove oil, guests should pack sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a cooking stove, lanterns or flashlights, cookware, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, a fire extinguisher and fire starter. Guests are expected to pack out trash and clean the cabin before leaving ( click here for more cabin details).

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Natural Features

The beach in front of the cabin is ideal for plane parking. The terrain adjacent to cabin features moderate to steep mountain peaks, covered primarily with Sitka spruce and western hemlock rainforest with some cedar. Muskeg is also common. A fast-flowing stream runs adjacent to the cabin. Black and brown bears, deer, bald eagles and waterfowl are abundant in this area ( bear safety information ). The salmon run in Anan Creek during July and August is a peak time for bear activity in the area.

Nearby Attractions

The Anan Wildlife Observatory is a popular destination for bear watchers during the peak months of July and August to watch brown and black bears hunt for salmon in Anan Creek. A permit is required to visit the observatory, which is $10 per day. There is no developed access from Anan Lake Cabin to the observatory; access is by boat or float plane.


Boulder Lake is about 0.3 miles from the cabin via a primitive trail. Another trail shown on topographic maps from Anan Lake to saltwater is also primitive and overgrown, making it difficult to navigate. The lower portion of this primitive trail passes through an area closed to the public between June 15 and September 15. Guests can use the cabin's skiff with oars to explore the lake; however, they must supply their own personal flotation devices and secure the skiff before leaving the cabin. Fishing for cutthroat trout in Anan Lake is possible from May to September and silver salmon in September. Anan Creek offers steelhead fishing in April and May and pink salmon in July and August. In-season hunting is popular in designated areas with the proper permits.

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For campground inquiries, please call: 907-874-2323

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The cabin is on the south end of Anan Lake, which is on the mainland (231' elevation) above Anan Bay. This cabin is accessible by float plane only, and is 31 miles by air from Wrangell. The lake is normally ice-free May through October. At other times, ice may prevent float planes from landing. Please check local conditions in advance by calling (907) 874-2323.

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