Graham Cabin

Boise National Forest

Graham Cabin, a former Forest Service Guard Station, is an ideal getaway for motorcyclists, flight enthusiasts and equestrians, for whom getting there is half the fun. An airstrip is just across from the cabin for guests who want to fly in, and the surrounding terrain is ideal for traversing on foot, horseback or motorcycle. Guests to the cabin will find a few amenities but may need to bring some additional supplies and gear to make their stay comfortable. The beauty of the surrounding landscape and the abundance of recreational activities provice a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Graham Cabin permits six people, but currently is only furnished with five twin beds. Other furnishings include a table with chairs. The kitchen has a wood stove for cooking and heating.

An outhouse with vault toilet sits behind the cabin. A picnic table and campfire ring are located just outside. The front porch invites guests to relax and admire the view.

This rustic two-room cabin has no potable water or electricity. Guests need to provide their own drinking water or bring a water filter. Bedding, lighting, cookware, kitchen utensils, matches and first aid supplies are not provided. A supply of firewood may be needed.

Need to Know

Natural Features

Graham Cabin is located on the North Fork Boise River, adjacent to the Sawtooth Wilderness at an elevation of 5,720 feet. The dwelling sits in an open grassy area surrounded by the rugged mountain peaks of the Sawtooth Range, which are dotted with evergreens. The surrounding area still exhibits some signs of a past forest fire. Wildlife watchers may spot elk, deer, mountain goats, wolves, coyotes, cougars, bobcats and bears. The occasional wolverine may also be seen, as their numbers are growing within the Sawtooth Wilderness.


Several trails located within 2 miles of the cabin offer superb horseback riding opportunities, including the nearby Horse Heaven Trail. These trails are in varying stages of maintenance, but tend to be in good condition for at least 2 miles. Hikers can follow the river all the way to its headwaters in the Sawtooth Wilderness. Motorcyclists can ride the nearby roads.

Fishing is good in the river and nearby Johnson Creek. Big game hunting is a popular activity in season.

Contact Information


P.O. BOX 129 IDAHO CITY ID 83631

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Driving Directions

Graham Cabin is 53 miles northeast of Idaho City. From Idaho City, take Highway 21 for 18 miles to Crooked River-Little Owl Road #384. Turn left and stay on Road #384 for 4 miles to Pikes Fork Road #312. Turn right and stay on Road #312 for 26 miles. There are only 2 major road intersections on Road #312; just keep bearing right and follow the directional signs.

Vehicle access to the area is generally limited from mid-July to the beginning of October due to high elevation snow. The road is extremely rocky and rutted and has steep sections; you also have to ford the river. Only high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. Plan on a minimum 3-hour trip from Idaho City to the cabin.

Guests arriving on horseback can either ride horses the last 10 miles of Road #312 or ride the 6-mile Horse Heaven Trail from Road # 327 (just beyond Deer Park).

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