Payette National Forest

Usda Forest Service, Idaho.

So Much To Do & See

Come visit the Payette National Forest spring, summer, fall, or winter for a wide range of recreational activities during any of the four seasons. Hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, skiing, and snowmobiling. You can find a spot on the Forest to indulge your recreational interest. Click here for an in-depth look at the Payette National Forest's niche.

Be Careful With Fire!  Campfire Podcast  (transcript)

Some tips to help you enjoy your recreation experience...

Sharing the trail with horses

When encountering a horse on a trail, remember it is us humans who have control over our actions and the ability to communicate with each other.  The horse can spook and take an action that may not be desirable.  The best way to approach a horse is to STOP, Communicate with the Rider, and Move to the Side of the Trail.

Driving motorized vehicles on the Forest

Keep motor vehicles on designated routes and areas. If you plan on camping, driving off-highway vehicles, hunting, or exploring the backcountry, get a free Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) to know which roads are open to motor vehicle use. Know before you go.

With your help, we can protect our natural resources for future generations. Thank you!

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