Lake Sumner

Bureau of Reclamation, New Mexico.

Sumner Dam and Lake Sumner, features of the Carlsbad Project, are on the Pecos River about 250 river miles north of Carlsbad and about 16 miles northwest of Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The Lake has 4,500 water surface acres when full with 60 miles of shoreline. Recreation is managed for Reclamation by the New Mexico State Parks. There is a visitor center operated by NM State Parks. No food service or lodging within park. Lodging is available in Fort Sumner or in Santa Rosa, 42 miles north. No concessions. Year round fishing for white bass, catfish, walleye, and bream. Scuba diving for game fish is permitted. There is stream fishing downstream from dam. Boating must conform to New Mexico regulations. There is a playground and opportunities for birdwatching.

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To get to Sumner Lake State Park from the town of Fort Sumner, take US 84 northwest 10 miles, then go west on NM 203 for 6 miles.

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