Modoc National Forest

Usda Forest Service, California.

A family fishing on the banks of Stough Reservoir

A family fishing on the banks of Stough Reservoir

Framed by distinctive geology and views of a timeless landscape, the Modoc National Forest is a place where solitude and recreation come together connecting people to the land and the past. These ecosystems with their rich habitat create abundant opportunities for recreation around water, wildlife viewing, fishing and hunting.

A network of scenic drives provide local communities and growing urban areas easy access to a rich heritage of land use and culture, from Native Americans to present day ranching. In concert with communities, the forest provides learning opportunities that invite visitors to stay, enjoy, and care for the forest in ways that maintain this remote, quiet character.

This website should help you plan your visit to the Forest. Navigate by choosing your planned recreational activity in the left menu. If you have a favorite area in mind, the current status of the campgrounds is listed in the table below with a link to more information. Also be sure to look at the Alerts & Notices page to view any emergency closures or other information that might affect your visit.

Other than a few sites at Medicine Lake that can be reserved through, campsites on the Modoc National Forest are first come, first served with a 14-day limit.

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