Fort Meade Recreation Area

Bureau of Land Management, South Dakota.

The Fort Meade Recreation Area is composed of approximately 6,700 acres of forest and grasslands. The area is managed to protect, preserve, and enhance its cultural, historic, recreational, and wildlife values. Attractions include the Fort Meade Cavalry Post, Old Fort Meade Museum, Fort Meade Post Cemetery, and the Centennial Trail. The recreation area also adjoins the Black Hills National Cemetery and Bear Butte State Park. Camping is allowed at two locations, the Alkali Creek Trailhead and the Alkali Creek Horsecamp. Both are fee campgrounds. Picnicking facilities are located at the Alkali Creek Trailhead. Other Attractions: • Fort Meade Trailhead is a day-use graveled parking area that serves as a trailhead for the Centennial trail. • Fort Meade Reservoir (50 acres) contains two picnic tables, a restroom, and a reservoir stocked with rainbow trout. • Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Chapel: This day use site contains picnic facilities with water and restrooms. • Centennial Trail: This 11-mile trail is a portion of the 111-mile interagency national recreation trail across the Fort Meade Recreation Area. • The Fort Meade Back Country Byway is a 4.5-mile gravel road that connects I-90 and Highway 34 on the south half of the unit. Reservations/Permits: • Special recreation permits are required for all commercial and competitive group events. Please contact the BLM office for reservation information and forms. • Operating hours/seasons: The Fort Meade Recreation Area is open for use year round, weather permitting. • The access road is open year round, with temporary closures possible due to weather and road conditions. There is no winter maintenance. • Alkali Creek Horsecamp is open from May 15 to September 30. Exception: The campground is closed 3 weeks during the Black Hills Motorcycle Classic. A camping fee is required. • Alkali Creek Trailhead is open year round with fees charged for camping from May 15 to September 30. Exception: The campground is closed for 3 weeks during the Black Hills Motorcycle Classic. • Water is available from approximately May 15 to October 1 each year.

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Access to the South end of the Back Country Byway is at Exit 34 (BlackHills National Cemetery Interchange) from Interstate 90. The northernaccess to the Byway is approximately one half mile east of Sturgis onHighway 34/79.

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