Guernsey Reservoir

Bureau of Reclamation, Wyoming.

One hundred and eighty miles below Alcova Dam and 25 miles below Glendo Dam, the Guernsey Dam, North Platte Project, controls the river flow of the North Platte. Water released from Pathfinder Reservoir can be stored and released to fit varying irrigation demands. Water is released through the Guernsey Powerplant. The dam is in a rocky canyon 2 miles northwest of the town of Guernsey, in Platte County, Wyoming. Recreation is managed for the Bureau of Reclamation by Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites. Guernsey State Park has 7 campgrounds and 3 boat ramps. Available species include walleye, yellow perch, and channel catfish. Although the reservoir has 2,400 surface acres and 27 miles of shoreline, Guernsey Reservoir is severely drawn down twice a year, which affects fish population densities. Current Reservoir Levels The primary historic attractions at Guernsey Reservoir reflect the efforts of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930's. The reservoir has many attractive CCC-built picnic and overlook structures, trails, water fountains, stone retaining walls, and bridges, as well as dam-related support buildings. The Guernsey Museum, located on the southeast end of the reservoir, contains exhibits on the area's natural history and local history including native cultures, settlement and industries, and the construction of the dam and powerplant. Lake Guernsey State Park is a National Historic Landmark.

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Access from I-25 via U.S. 26 and County Road 1606.

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