Lake Cameahwait

Bureau of Reclamation, Wyoming.

Also known as "Bass Lake". Fishing year-round with Wyoming State license. Fish species include trout, bass, perch, ling, bluegill, green sunfish, and crappie. Good access via shoreline roads. Approximately 80 surface acres. Available services include: picnic/camp shelters, restrooms, boat ramp, and primitive camping. No drinking water. Other activities include swimming, hiking, watchable wildlife, waterfowl, and big game hunting in season with Wyoming State hunting license.Lake Cameahwait is a feature of the Pick Sloan Missouri River Project Riverton Unit.Nearby attractions are the grave of Sacajawea and the World's Largest Mineral Hot Springs. Wyoming Game and Fish Department, 2055 Missouri Valley Rd., Pavillion, WY 82523 at 307.856.3007.

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Site is 15 miles west of Shoshoni, Wyoming, off U.S. 26.

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