Lovewell Reservoir

Bureau of Reclamation, Kansas.

Lovewell Reservoir is just inside the Kansas border from Superior, Nebraska. An historic school is now used as a church during the summer. Also, a cemetery from the 1860's is open to visitors. The Reservoir has become an attractive site for wildlife. It attracts large numbers of migrating waterfowl in spring and fall. The adjacent woodlands harbor songbirds. Often birds can be spotted in the wooded areas near the campgrounds such as five species of woodpeckers, Baltimore Orioles and possibly a Black-billed Magpie.Lodging is available close by in Mankato, KS, and Superior, NE.Reservoir open 24 hours. Fair access roads. Irrigation supply reservoir experiencing moderate fluctuations. Reservoir peaks at 2,986 water surface acres, 3,590 land acres and 44 miles of shoreline. Available species include walleye, white bass, wiper (white bass-striped bass hybrid), crappie freshwater drum, carp, and channel and flathead catfish. Fishing season is year-round. Public hunting for deer, watefowl, and upland game is available. Lovewell Dam and Reservoir are features of the Bostwick Division, Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Project. Current Reservoir Level.

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Reservoir site is 7 miles south of Superior, Nebraska or 6.4 miles south from Nebraska State line. Nearest highway is Kansas 14.

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