Benton Lake Wetland Management District

Fish and Wildlife Service, Montana.

The Benton Lake Wetland Management District contains 23 Waterfowl Production Areas totaling over 16,000 acres. These WPAs are scattered throughout 8 counties (Cascade, Choteau, Glacier, Hill, Pondera, Powell, Teton, Toole) and include many great hunting locations and bird watching sites. The District was established in 1975 and includes 3 conservation areas, and 4 distinct easement programs.

There are several types of Refuge System lands within the wetland management district:

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The Benton Lake Wetland Management District headquarters is located on the Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge approximately 12 miles north of Great Falls, MT. We have an additional field office in the Blackfoot Valley. Please call us or stop by if you have questions or would like more information about our Waterfowl Production Areas.

Blackfoot Valley field office (Blackfoot, H2-O, Kleinschmidt, and Upsata Lake WPAs):
H2-0 Waterfowl Production Area
967 Marsh Lane
Helmville, MT 59843
406-793-0050 (phone)
406-793-0051 (fax)


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