Big Stone Wetland Management District

Fish and Wildlife Service, Minnesota.

Big Stone Wetland Management District was established in 1996 and includes 23 waterfowl production areas. These small parcels of wetlands and grasslands are scattered throughout a two-county area and encompass more than 4,000 total acres. Like other wetland management districts in the prairie states, the goal of the Big Stone Wetland Management District is to restore and protect enough wetland and grassland habitat to meet the needs of prairie wildlife, particularly breeding waterfowl, as well as to provide places for public recreation.

Waterfowl production areas were created by an amendment to the Federal Duck Stamp Act in 1958. Scientists realized that these small pockets of habitat were vital to breeding waterfowl. This amendment gave the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permission to purchase small wetlands. Your purchase of a Federal Duck Stamp provides funds to acquire, oversee and manage waterfowl production areas and easements.

Big Stone Wetland Management District covers Lincoln and Lyon counties in western Minnesota. The district purchases land from willing sellers, our staff manage these scattered waterfowl production areas, working collaboratively with private landowners who are interested in improving their land for wildlife. Our staff also protect land through the purchase of permanent conservation easements from willing landowners to protect wetlands and grasslands on private property throughout the district.

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The district office is co-located with the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge office, approximately eight miles east of Ortonville, MN, and one-half mile west of Odessa, MN. From Highway 7/75, take Big Stone County Road #19 south approximately three-quarters of a mile.

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