Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, Illinois.

Chautauqua Refuge is situated in the middle of the Mississippi Flyway along the Illinois River near Havana, Illinois. It is an important link in the chain of resting and feeding areas for waterfowl and other migratory birds in the flyway. The refuge has been designated a Globally Important Bird Area and a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site.

Up to 250,000 waterfowl and 10,000 shorebirds seek the food resources and sanctuary found on the 6,200-acre refuge. Bald eagles nest on the refuge and as many as 175 eagles can be found on the area in late fall through spring.

Chautauqua Refuge is the headquarters of the Illinois River National Wildlife and Fish Refuges Complex, which includes the Cameron/Billsbach Unit near Henry, Emiquon Refuge across the river from Havana, and the Meredosia Refuge.

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Chautauqua Refuge is located 8 miles north of Havana, Illinois, and 30 miles south of Pekin, Illinois, on the Manito Blacktop. Turn onto 1950E. Travel one mile to 2110N to the visitor center or continue on 1950E for another 1.5 miles to the Eagle Bluff Access Area for fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Chautauqua Refuge has a one-half mile accessible interpretive nature trail at the refuge headquarters with three scenic boardwalks overlooking the wetland. A second trail is located at Eagle Bluff Access Area.

Boat ramps are located at Eagle Bluff Access Area.

Cameron/Billsbach Unit, between Sparland and Henry, Illinois, is accessible by boat only from the Illinois River miles 192 to 195.

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