Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

National Park Service, New Jersey.

Cotton and silk fabrics; steam locomotives; continuous rolls of paper; airplane engines. What do these things have in common? They were all manufactured in the same place - Paterson, NJ. In 1792, Paterson was established, America's first planned industrial city, centered around the Great Falls of the Passaic River. From humble mills rose industries that changed the face of the United States.

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From: Garden State Parkway (New Jersey) North: Take exit 155P on left to Route 19 TO WEST Route 80 Paterson. South: Take Exit 159 (Saddlebrook) on your right. After taking the exit, make your second right onto I-80 West (Paterson). From: Interstate 80 I-80 West: Take Exit 57 A-B. Taking (Exit 57- B) (Downtown Paterson) follow the Downtown Paterson sign. I-80 East: Take (Exit 57- B), take exit Route 80 west Grand St./ Del Water Gap KEEP RIGHT exit. Stay to the right for Grand Street exit ramp.

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