Black River Scenic Byway

Department of Transportation.

Black River Harbor, one of only two harbors within the National Forest System, is a popular recreation area throughout the year. The harbor is approximately 15 miles north of Bessemer, Michigan, at the mouth of the Black River. The Black River flows through areas of large pine, hemlock, and hardwood trees and has a series of scenic waterfalls as it drops to meet Lake Superior. On September 19, 1992, Highway 513, which follows this section of the Black River, was officially dedicated as a National Forest Scenic Byway in recognition of its exceptional beauty and recreational opportunities.


Navigating the Byway:
Located in the Ottawa National Forest, the Black River Harbor National Scenic Byway begins on County Road 513 at its intersection with County Road 204 (Airport Road) and continues north for 11 miles to Black River Harbor.

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